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Our Sphinx Vogue Designer Group is here to do amazing things for our members, send them on trips, do jewelry giveaways, and much much more, see below for giveaway details! We also donate 5% of our memberships to support Children's Orphanages around the world. Thank you to everyone in our group for helping us do this, you all mean so much!

We're always adding new amazing perks to the designer group so keep your eyes out as a member for everything new!



Who doesn't love a good giveaway? Well, we don't do good giveaways, we do great ones! Throughout the year we throw giveaways for all designer group members including free Trips, Jewelry, and Giftcards up to $500 for shopping! Have an idea for more giveaways? Let us know, we love collaborating with you!


Designer Central

As a member, you will be granted access to limited edition Designer Central only products you'll love and get access to member-only discount up to 50% OFF, plus get Free Shipping on all Designer Central Shopping. As a member of our group, we make sure to do things you will love.


What We Stand Together For

There is something that is very dear to our hearts and that is making sure children grow up strong, healthy, and educated to live their best lives, that's why 5% of all our memberships go to Children's Orphanages around the world helping raise children without parents.


Help design new products!

Submit your drawings of jewelry designs and if they are voted as #1 by the group we'll work with you to put it into production and you'll get a 10% Royalty from all sales generated by it. (Available after being a part of the Designer Group for 3 months.)


So what are you waiting for? Be a part of our group of fashion enthusiasts around the world inspiring each other and doing what we love!