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Join our designer group and have a package with two new pieces of jewelry sent to you every month.

Once you've subscribed to our designer group we will consult with you to ask you about your preferences and make sure we send you jewelry you will fall in love with every time you see it.

Show your loyalty and be a part of our group for six months to start designing your own pieces of jewelry and have them put into production.

How can I get my designs put into production?

Throughout the year we will send out emails to everyone in our designer group to submit the drawings of their designs, we will then vote on everyone's designs and decide on a new design to be created. If your drawing is the new voted design to create, we will work alongside you to get it into production and start selling it on Sphinx Vogue where you'll earn a 15% royalty of all profits made from your designs.

*The Sphinx Vogue Designer Group is a Monthly Subscription that can be canceled anytime.*