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Papyrus Bikini Set

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Refreshing style with a flattering neckline, featuring a low back with thin straps ideal for tanning.

"You wrote this right?” he said. “It tells how to defeat Set.” Thoth unfolded the papyrus pages. “Oh, dear. I hate reading my old work. Look at this sentence. I’d never write it that way now.” He patted his lab coat pockets. “Red pen—does anyone have one?” Isis chafed against my willpower, insisting that we blast some sense into Thoth. One fireball, she pleaded. Just one enormous magical fireball? I couldn’t say I was tempted, but I kept her under control. “Since when does drool make you powerful?"

- Rick Riordan

△ Made with Nylon
△ Deluxe Style 
△ Flattering Neckline 
△ Adjustable Strap Sliders